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"I'm the world's greatest bounty hunter!"

Frogrump, the self-proclaimed "World's Greatest Bounty Hunter", is an obese frog created by Justin Wolfe and a boss in Goop's World. He has green skin, a yellow underbelly, an orange mohawk, two red cheek pouches, and a red pouch on his posterior. He first appears in the Frogrump's Pillar level.

Name originEdit

Frogrump's name obviously refers to the red pouch on his "rump". The word grumpy may also be involved.


Frogrump is a large bipedal frog. He's constantly hunched over. His underbelly is yellow while the top of him is dark green. He has two small nostrils and large angry eyes. He sports a large orange mohawk and large, inflated, red cheek pouches. His hands have 4 clawed fingers and he has large webbed feet. He also has another red cheek pouch on his rear (rump), hence his name "Frogrump".


Frogrump is a very self-centered, greedy frog who only takes Grex's jobs in an attempt to make some money, although he never ends up getting paid. He claims to be the world's greatest bounty hunter, having never failed to capture his target. Due to this, he is a very egotistical and boastful character. He is shown to have a love of punk rock music. He is an obese, greedy frog who usually serves as an antagonist or anti-hero. Starting from Goop's World 2, he is always seen with his partner-in-crime, Crocrump.


Frogrump has an immense size, which allows him to throw his weight around. He also has the ability to breathe fire. He can perform a variety of powerful body slam attacks and he wields weapons called Fire Staffs, which allow him to perform a large variety of fire-based attacks.


  • In the original draft of Goop's World, Frogrump did not exist.
  • Frogrump's signature color is Dark Green.
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