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"Goop, can you help me? I'd do it myself, but I forgot my fighting shoes. Yeah, that's it!"

Goggles the Centipede is a 12-foot centipede created by Justin Wolfe and a supporting character in Goop's World. He has green skin, four arms, six legs, and a pair of yellow and blue goggles, hence his name. He is the main NPC in the Goggles' Garden level.

Name originEdit

Goggles's name obviously refers to his trademark yellow-and-blue goggles.


Goggles is a large 12-foot green centipede-like creature. His underbelly is cream-colored. He is made of 6 segments. The back three segments each have a pair of legs, making for six total legs. Each leg is cream-colored and wears a white sneaker with red stripes. The front segment is his head. He constantly wears a pair of yellow goggles with dark blue straps. He also has two thin antennae with red spheres on the tips. His second and third segments each have a pair of arms. Each of these arms is cream-colored and wears a white glove.


Goggles is a happy-go-lucky centipede who loves to help his friends....when he doesn't need help himself. He never really thinks of himself and loves to run, being a very athletic character. He is rather cowardly and often gets himself in various scrapes.


Goggles is a very athletic character, giving him impressive running speed.


  • In the original draft of Goop's World, Goggles did not exist.
  • Goggles' signature color is Bright Blue.
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