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"I bet you're wondering: 'what the heck is a Gooptar?'"
—Marco the Elder

Marco is an orange Gooptar created by Justin Wolfe and a supporting character in Goop's World. He is always seen wielding a wooden staff and wearing a brown robe. He also sports a white beard. Marco has changed quite a bit since his original incarnation. The original concept for Marco gave him blue skin and a job as Blossom's butler. The role of the shaman was taken by an orange Gooptar named Grendel.

Name originEdit

Marco comes from mars, who is the Roman god of war. It means war or aggression, which is the exact opposite of Marco's personality.


Marco is a male Gooptar and thus, his main characteristics are his duckbill, his oversized stubby hands, and the large crest on the back of his head, which sags due to his old age. He constantly wears a brown robe, white socks, and sandals. He has a small tail, which is usually pointed upwards. His irises are orange, the same as his skin. His nostrils, although not visible, are on the underside of his bill. He also has a white beard and bushy eyebrows.


Marco is the very definition of "senile". He's constantly saying things that may or may not have anything to do with the current conversation, and he seems to have gone a little insane in his time as a hermit. He's a bit of a manchild, having the mind of a small child and being easily amused by even the most mundane things. Because of this, he's a bit of an elderly party animal. However, Marco has a serious side, especially during times of crisis.


Marco has no real abilities that are shown on-screen, but he is said to have some mystical powers, due to his role as a shaman.


  • In the original draft of Goop's World, Marco did not exist.
  • Marco's signature color is Brownish-Orange.
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