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"Leave now, before I blast you to smithereens!"
—Mr. Biggles

Mr. Biggles is a genie created by Justin Wolfe and a boss in Goop's World. He has light purple skin, dark blue pants, green shoes, and a white turban with a violent feather and jewel embedded in it. He always rides a large magic carpet. He appears in the Mr. Biggles' Lamp level.

Name originEdit

His name has no real origin.


Frogrump is a large bipedal frog. He's constantly hunched over. His underbelly is yellow while the top of him is dark green. He has two small nostrils and large angry eyes. He sports a large orange mohawk and large, inflated, red cheek pouches. His hands have 4 clawed fingers and he has large webbed feet. He also has another red cheek pouch on his rear (rump), hence his name "Frogrump".


Mr. Biggles has a variety of magical attacks, as well as the ability to control a magic carpet at his disposal. Mr. Biggles' main weapons are a series of bombs, including fire bombs, water bombs, and shockwave bombs.

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