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"I am the most vivacious of vegetation!"

Snaptrap is a 20-foot Gooptar-Eating Plant created by Justin Wolfe and a boss in Goop's World. He has a grayish-green stem, grayish-green vine tentacles, a blue head, yellow petals, and yellow eyes with red pupils. He appears in the Snaptrap's Grove level.

Name originEdit

Snaptrap's name obviously comes from the words snap and trap.


Snaptrap is a large Gooptar-Eating Plant that is around 20-25 feet tall. He has long, thick, brownish-green vines that he can use like arms, and each vine has 4 large thorns. His neck is also brownish-green and it supports his large blue head. He has a slight underbite, similar to a bulldog-like appearance. He has two large, yellow eyes with red pupils and red circles around them, suggesting a crazed personality. His blue eyebrows float above his eyes. He has a series of yellow petals around his head.


Snaptrap is an incredibly hammy plant who is extremely full of himself. He is also very gluttonous and is constantly hungry, usually for Goop and his friends. Snaptrap is a fluent speaker of jive, causing him to speak in unusual jive euphemisms that leave every other character confused and unable to comprehend him. Snaptrap is a fan of funk music.


Snaptrap, due to his size, is capable of devouring creatures the size of his head. Snaptrap also has several large vines at his disposal, as well as an army of Gooptar-Eating Plants and Petunias. He also possesses a toxic breath attack; however, the gas is shown to be very flammable.


  • Frogrump's signature color is Grayish-Green.
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